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As we all might probably know by now, SEO is search engine optimization, and its purpose is to help with website ranking and traffic generation through organic searches. SEO is more like a pull form of marketing strategy, because it is more dependent on what the populace is looking for through search and what you have to quench that desire. This cycle of  supply and demand is more dependent on strategy of execution more than anything. Sign up to be a member on the member's page and visit our forum to struck up a conversation.

However critical SEOs are, not all SEOs are created equal. While some SEO have great potential, others are spams and can actually hurt your site by getting it de-indexed. Do your due diligence when it comes to SEOs, and use them honestly without having intensions of solely using them to outsmart the search engines. A business website showing more in SERPs can be a huge advantage as search engines seek to provide value and worth to users. Imagine how frustrating it gets when googling for an answer to a problem, but you just cannot find the right page to satisfy your need? That is why search engines try to make searching easier, by filtering though websites to find the best results for us based on strength of SEO and Trust of content.

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