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There are several strategies to setting up leads to your business, some use social media, advertisement, cold calling, cold emails or acquire leads through pure organic searches. However a business goes about it, it needs to tailor that strategy to fit its business structure. The route to lead generation  is through attraction, conversion, deal closing and follow ups.

The route to attraction could be through offers, deals, discounts, blogs, educational videos  and what not. After attraction, a business can use various forms to convert its visitors, could be through forms, CTAs, landing pages, email subscription and many more. After converting, a business may not need to do much to close deals, having a tailored workflow prioritizing organization makes your service offers stress-free. However, after closing deals, it is imperative to keep CRM (customer relations management) top of mind to be able to retain your clients long term. Make this possible by transitioning through follow-up surveys, reviews, more favorable deals and with more value. Check out our blog post for more.

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