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Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Over the past few years, a lot of institutions have lost their vital information as a result of cyber fraud. This has ignited fear in some Companies and forced others to apply more measures in saving their company secrets. Well, with the current pressure on the world to evolve, several company owners have decided to protect their resources by using cyber security.

Cyber security has become popular for a while now because more people are understanding the importance of protecting their networks, devices, programs, and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized access.

These cyber security jobs are often funded well because it maximizes productivity in every institution or company.

Most Production Companies are mostly users of Cyber Security because they are inclined to protect the company's secret recipes or ingredients.

Some companies make sure there are more than one entry points for staff members where there is enough security to track all their movements and activities.

As a startup company, before you hire someone to protect your content and your company's secrets, make sure the person has the following qualities, and marketers of your Products should be made to sign an oath in a print out document. Here are key qualities to consider in your prospects;

1. Problem-Solving Skills

2. Technical Aptitude

3. Knowledge of Security Across Various Platforms

4. Attention to Detail

5. Communication Skills

6. Fundamental Computer Forensics Skills

7. A Desire to Learn

8. An Understanding of Hacking.

With these qualities, your company is in good hands, however, it’s your corporate duty to ensure that you are involved in the design process. That way, the system is well formed to meet your expectations.

Below are some key tips on how to make sure you have the best Cyber security.

Key steps for good cyber hygiene

Step 1: Install reputable antivirus and malware software

Step 2: Use network firewalls

Step 3: Update software regularly

Step 4: Set strong passwords

Step 5: Use multi-factor authentication

Step 6: Employ device encryption

Step 7: Back up regularly

Step 8: Keep your hard drive clean

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